0.9 - The combat update

Added Combat (Temporarily only Melee, to shoot you need a bow or Magica, and we haven't done that artwork yet)

Updated Features:

  • Credits now in 'Main Menu'
  • Pause Menu is still opened by `esc`, but game can only be resumed by pressing resume button in game
  • Fixed Pause Menu buttons (all were 90% transparent except Skills button, now all are like Skills button)
  • Added all types of combat, but only Melee is currently usable (default, you need a weapon for anything else)
  • Added Skill Plans (GitHub Repo) Website
  • Added an enemy? Idk it's a tree with eyes that you can punch, ok?
  • Added Text to the Sign 480 metres out from spawn.
  • Changed the map (The Game's files for the old map were corrupt, remade some tiles also)
  • Obstacles now have Colliders   )))))
  • Some other minor improvements & general bug fixes (all menu options were `quit game`?)

Thanks for reading through this changelog )))))))

TallerThanShort and redir110


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Jan 02, 2022

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