v0.2 (BETA) Update!

This is a bug hotfix version.

  • Squashed a bug causing 'player' to fall out of the world when Discord Rich Presence initiated.
  • Fixed a bug causing the House at x488, y488 unrendable. (And then changed it for a surprise...)
  • Sorted a bug that made the game crash on some amd drivers.

Added features:

  • A bug report will now be made whenever the game crashes; it will send it to us (The CKS Dev Team) anonymously, allowing us to fix any future bugs quicker. If you want to opt-out of this function... DON'T DOWNLOAD THIS VERSION YET! There is currently no way to opt-out, so, if you play version 0.2.0 or 0.2.1 you will give anonymous crash-reports when the game crashes, no matter what. The only way in which this could be considered a Privacy 'Threat' is that it'll take info of your PC such as RAM, CPU, GFx and RES. This attributes are mostly unimportant and irrelevant, but as some issues have emerged to only be driver-specific (such as the amd one mentioned above), we decided to add this feature.


HiT World 0.2.1 (BETA).zip 24 MB
Feb 03, 2021

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